Injection molding

Our plastic department consists of 19 injection molding machines. With these we can manufacture parts in sizes between 1 – 400 grams. The buildup of the injection molding equipment enables the competitive production of small series and test molding, as well as massproduction. 2-component running is also possible. The peripheral equipment of all the machinery makes it possible to automate selection, sorting, palleting, and recycling.

Finishing treatment of plastic parts consists of, among others, tampo printing, protection of shining surfaces with plate coating, ultrasonic welding, machining or packaging, moisturising, laser marking, and laser cutting.

  • Molded plastic parts 

  • Molded plastic parts 

  • The plastic parts are transferred to the assembly. 

  • Automatic taping machine integrated with the injection molding machine. 

  • Plastic department