The company was founded by Eino Korhonen in 1978. He had gained experience in the field from the company Puristustuote Oy, which had manufactured electrical equipment but had closed down. Although the competition was very hard, Eino saw a genuine business opportunity for someone with know-how on production, and with Finnish sisu – strength of character – he strongly believed in his own abilities. In addition to manufacturing their own products, the company soon began to establish cooperation with subcontractors. The cooperation with Nokia Kaapeli (NK Cables) began already in 1980 and this was the beginning of the company’s specializing in contract manufacturing.

In the beginning, the going was tough for the family-owned company. However, Eino and Ritva Korhonen had great faith in the future and worked as pioneers in the company until the first change of generation. They both still actively participate in the work of the board of management in the company that became their life’s work.

The operational management is lead by the entrepreneurs in second line Rami Korhonen and Arja Korhonen. The company has shown excellence in long-term strategy and work as well as versatile know-how as a contract manufacturer, and today their partners consist of companies such as Nordic Aluminium/Lival Group, Ensto Finland, Ensto Ensek, Selcast Oy, Oy Airam Electric Ab, MPBolagen, Ledil, and Kone Oyj.